Balancing Quota Throttle Bodies by Roger Garlick

1) Start with a cool engine.

2) Remove the seat, faring and gas tank.

3) Lightly close the air bleed on the throttle body. It is on the right side and looks like a big brass screw.

4) Remove the square shaped black plastic cover on the front of the throttle body. You will see 2 arching gears that mesh with each other. The throttle cable is attached to the right gear. These gears are attached to the throttle shafts. Only the left side is adjustable. Look carefully at the left gear. There you will see a screw partially concealed by the left gear. Loosen this screw a couple of turns.

5) Reinstall the gas tank and fuel lines.

6) Attach your mercury sticks or Twinmax to the nipples on your intake manifolds and start the engine.

7) Wear gloves as the engine gets hot very quickly! You MUST balance the LEFT throttle plate to the right side. I did it at 3000 rpm. Be sure to tighten the adjustment screw on the left side after you've achieved your balance. Be patient! It may take several attempts before you get it just right. It took me about 3 hours including removing and re-installing the gas tank several times. You may need to adjust your idle as well.

8) Reinstall the square plastic cover on the throttle body, gas tank, fairing and seat.

Roger Garlick