V65 Racebike Dyno Run Mark III by Ed Milich

This is the latest on my  V65 racer...Yes,. we have broken the 50 hp barrier. The bike still has the stock cam, but I added 36mm carbs since last time- ports are around 30mm, so the 30mm carbs I took off of it were the weak link. I had to sleeve up some manifolds to fit the new carbs, but I got it done. I initially tried welded-up straight manifolds, but the darn things left no room for my big feet with the stock footpegs.

The bike has the same motor as in
this dyno run. Key mods in this case are Bruce Meyers heads with oversized valves and porting and ~12:1 compression via trimmed stock pistons and cylinders and reduced squish

This bike still has the stock cam....there's easily 5 more hp in there with the race cam I developed with Web.  That will be next.

So basically, the 36mm carbs in this case were worth about 2 and a half hp and almost one foot lb.

Oh, and I also got Lario primary gears (~ 10% higher) so that I dont have to redline the engine at 8.5-9krpm for 30 seconds at a time at Willow Springs and Daytona.  Beautiful.

PS: This bike is the only smallblock Guzzi that I am aware of that has won a race at Daytona. Forza Moto Guzzi.