Guzzi Performance Cams

Guzzi Power uses Megacycle Cams because of their their proven performance and quality workmanship.  I usually recommend the 620 X10 cam for street applications and 620 x8 for race applications. Both of these require race springs, piston and valve clearancing, which are available for additional cost. 
Megacycle Guzzi steel billet Cams are $450.

Megacycle Cam Spec .pdf

Guzzi Power also provide performance cams and cam regrinding for Guzzi smallblocks, including V7 Classics, V65/Lario, and V50. Please contact to select a cam for your Guzzi application.

DLC Coated Smallblock Guzzi Lifters
Micropolished Smallblock Guzzi Lifters
Lifter DLC Coating
In many cases, I recommend DLC ( Diamond Like Carbon) coating lifters when Guzzi performance cams are employed.  DLC coating increases the hardness of the lifter by a factor or 10, which vastly improves the interface between cam and lifters. This results in longer life, less contact friction and less wear.  Lifters are micropolished before coating to improve surface finish.  Diamond like carbon molecules are then grown on the lifter surface using a plasma deposition process.

DLC is a well known  engineered coating technology employed, among other applications, in NASCAR pushrod vehicles. The process results in a vastly superior surface compared to the many vastly inferior "bake on" anti-friction coatings.

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