Smallblock Performance Cylinder Head Packages
The V65 cylinder heads that won at Daytona two years in a row.
Features: oversized valves, race springs with titanium keepers, mild porting.
Moto Guzzi smallblock Heron heads as found in the V35,V50,V65, and V75 have thir own peculiarities. Guzzi Power's Ed Milich in conjuction with Ducati Hall of Fame member Bruce Meyers of Meyers Performance have developed a cylinder head package that will unlock the hidden performance in your smallblock Guzzi....for all bikes from the V50 & V65 to the latest V7 Classic and Breva 750.  Whether you're racing your performance Guzzi, or just tearing up the backroads, this cylinder head package will turn your "sleeper" into a "speedster".

options include:
-oversized valves
-titanium valve keepers
-racing valve springs
-racing camshaft

Total smallblock street and race engine packages are available.

All of our performance packages are dynomometer tested and race proven for reliability.

For a quote on your smallblock cylinder heads, contact:
As featured in Guzzi Power sponsored smallblock racers...
Stock V50  motor: 31 hp/  29 ft lbf
Stock V65 motor: 41 hp/ 38 ft lbf
Guzzi Power V65 race motor: 52 hp/ 41 ft lbf
Over 25% gain in power over stock!!!!
Note: This motor stil retains the stock cam and stock displacement.